I plot elbow method to find appropriate number of KMean cluster when I am using Python and sklearn. I want to do the same when I'm working in PySpark. I am aware that PySpark has limited functionality due to the Spark's distributed nature, but, is there a way to get this number?

I am using the following code to plot the elbow Using the Elbow method to find the optimal number of clusters from sklearn.cluster import KMeans

wcss = []
for i in range(1, 11):
    kmeans = KMeans(n_clusters=i, init='k-means++', max_iter=300, n_init=10, random_state=0)

plt.plot(range(1, 11), wcss)
plt.title('The Elbow Method')
plt.xlabel('Number of clusters')

enter image description here


I did it another way. Calculate the cost of features using Spark ML and store the results in Python list and then plot it.

# Calculate cost and plot
cost = np.zeros(10)

for k in range(2,10):
    kmeans = KMeans().setK(k).setSeed(1).setFeaturesCol('features')
    model = kmeans.fit(df)
    cost[k] = model.summary.trainingCost

# Plot the cost
df_cost = pd.DataFrame(cost[2:])
df_cost.columns = ["cost"]
new_col = [2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 9]
df_cost.insert(0, 'cluster', new_col)

import pylab as pl
pl.plot(df_cost.cluster, df_cost.cost)
pl.xlabel('Number of Clusters')
pl.title('Elbow Curve')

PySpark is not the right tool to plot an eblow method. To plot a chart, the data must be collected into a Pandas dataframe, which is not possible in my case because of the massive amount of data. The alternative is to use silhouette analysis like below

# Keep changing the number of clusters and re-calculate
kmeans = KMeans().setK(6).setSeed(1)
model = kmeans.fit(dataset.select('features'))
predictions = model.transform(dataset)
silhouette = evaluator.evaluate(predictions)
print("Silhouette with squared euclidean distance = " + str(silhouette))

Or evaluate clustering by computing Within Set Sum of Squared Errors, which is explained here

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