So, I thought that I would try Flutter for my next cross-platform app, since it offers the bonus of also being runnable in the browser (with Hummingbird).

Two major things it needs to be able to do are selecting multiple contacts and getting the device's 'phone number (default SIM card if there are multiple).

It seems like selecting multiple contacts is going to require jumping through hoops. In fact, all that I can find is this, which requires two plugins.

Is there any simpler way?

  • I don't think you need simple_permissions plugin for that, you can stick to just contacts_service – CopsOnRoad May 30 at 7:02
  • Can you check contact_picker bit outdated and currently inactive but if it solves your purpose you can contribute to maintaining that plugin. – Narkhede Tushar May 30 at 7:04

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