I want to run specific <arg> tags based on a condition. Also my ANT version is 1.8.2 so I can't use if and unless.

I have several <arg>'s in my <exec> and I only want certain <arg>'s to run if certain conditions are met, in my case if my ${host.NAME} equals specified servers.


<condition property="validHost" value="${dynamicValue}"> (except not dynamic, the first value is repeated for all instances)
        <equals arg1="${host.NAME}" arg2="example" />
        <equals arg1="${host.NAME}" arg2="example" />

    <arg line="always runs"/> (Always runs)
    <arg line="${validHost}"/> (Only runs if validHost condition true)

The problem is that when I put a dynamic value inside of the <condition value="${dynamicValue}"> tag, it sets every iteration as the first value instead of dynamically changing it. For example these values:

value1=Hello value2=World

will result in

arg1=Hello arg2=Hello

When I echo the dynamic value itself changes so I assume the <condition> tag isn't called dynamically instead is immutable. Is there any way I can work around this besides updating?

  • Why would this condition be getting set multiple times? Are you running this in a for loop? – CAustin May 30 '19 at 17:48
  • By default Ant properties are global and can only be set once. To make them only visible within the scope of a target (and thus settable each time th etarget is executed), you need to declare them with <local name="dynamicValue" />. See local for reference. – Lolo May 31 '19 at 5:10

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