I started migration from build.gradle (Groovy) to build.gradle.kts (Kotlin DSL). The thing is that com.google.common.util.concurrent.ListenableFuture (from com.google.guava) exists in several dependecies. Because of that build fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Duplicate class ... error.

Previously (when I had build.gradle in Groovy) this problem was solved with this snippet:

configurations {
    all*.exclude group: 'com.google.guava', module: 'listenablefuture'

But I can't find anything similar using Kotlin DSL. Could you please provide Kotlin alternative for the snippet above or suggest any other solution on how to deal with this?

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This works with the Gradle Kotlin DSL:

configurations {
    all {
        exclude(group = "com.google.guava", module = "listenablefuture")

This might work (though I haven't tried it):

configurations.forEach { it.exclude("com.google.guava", "listenablefuture") }
  • Works great in my build.gradle.kts đź‘Ť
    – Sylhare
    Commented Aug 12, 2020 at 13:08
  • not works when the dependency coming from plugin Commented Oct 22, 2021 at 11:58

For two group you can use like this:

configurations.forEach {
            it.exclude("com.google.guava", "listenablefuture")
            it.exclude(group = "org.jetbrains", module = "annotations")

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