I modified description value to 1 on my database.

List<DataEquipmentReg> values = snapshot.data;

 assetArray.add('${values[i].eq_no.toString()} : ${values[i].description.toString()}');

After edit description value to String, Error is not coming

DataEquipmentReg POJO Class

class DataEquipmentReg {
 final String eq_no;
  final String description;



Database in sqlite

  await db.execute("""CREATE TABLE EquipmentRegTable(eq_no STRING, description STRING)""");

I solved this problem like this,

in my read data on cache method, I changed this,

  Future<List<DataEquipmentReg>> displayEquipmentReg() async {
    var db = await db1;
    final List<Map<String, dynamic>> maps = await db.query('EquipmentRegTable');

    return List.generate(maps.length, (i) {
      return DataEquipmentReg(
        eq_no: '${maps[i]['eq_no']}',
        description'${ maps[i]['description']}',
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