Does anybody know why I cannot use @ResponseStatus(reason = "My message") on an exception handler in spring MVC while still returning a @ResponseBody. What seems to happen is that if I use the reason attribute

// this exception handle works, the result is a 404 and the http body is the json serialised
// {"message", "the message"}
@ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND)
public Map<String, String> notFoundHandler(NotFoundException e){
    return Collections.singletonMap("message", e.getMessage());

// this doesn't... the response is a 404 and the status line reads 'Really really not found'
// but the body is actually the standard Tomcat 404 page
@ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND, reason = "Really really not found")
public Map<String, String> reallyNotFoundHandler(ReallyNotFoundException e){
    return Collections.singletonMap("message", e.getMessage());

The code for this example is over on github.


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It seems that this is a direct result of the following code from AnnotationMethodHandlerExceptionResolver

private ModelAndView getModelAndView(Method handlerMethod, Object returnValue, ServletWebRequest webRequest)
        throws Exception {

    ResponseStatus responseStatusAnn = AnnotationUtils.findAnnotation(handlerMethod, ResponseStatus.class);
    if (responseStatusAnn != null) {
        HttpStatus responseStatus = responseStatusAnn.value();
        String reason = responseStatusAnn.reason();
        if (!StringUtils.hasText(reason)) {
            // this doesn't commit the response
        else {
            // this commits the response such that any more calls to write to the 
            // response are ignored
            webRequest.getResponse().sendError(responseStatus.value(), reason);
    /// snip

This has been reported to Springsource in SPR-8251:


For the record, since Spring 3.2, this got even worse because the AnnotationMethodHandlerExceptionResolver has been replaced by the ResponseStatusExceptionResolver and it does:

protected ModelAndView resolveResponseStatus(ResponseStatus responseStatus, HttpServletRequest request,
  HttpServletResponse response, Object handler, Exception ex) throws Exception {

  int statusCode = responseStatus.value().value();
  String reason = responseStatus.reason();
  if (this.messageSource != null) {
    reason = this.messageSource.getMessage(reason, null, reason, LocaleContextHolder.getLocale());
  if (!StringUtils.hasLength(reason)) {
  else {
    response.sendError(statusCode, reason);
  return new ModelAndView();

This is worth a bug report. Moreover, the @ResponseStatus is documented with setStatus and is ill-designed. It should have been called @ResponseError.

I have created two issues for this finally: SPR-11192 and SPR-11193.

Almost a year has passed and my two issues are still open. I do not consider Spring WebMVC as a first-class REST framework which it isn't imho, WebMVC is for humas and not machines :-(

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