I'm new to Flutter and I'm trying to build an audio streaming app using Flutter for both Android and iOS. The audio files need to be protected and hence the idea is this: an encrypted version of the file will be stored on the server and the player on the app will need to decrypt on the fly and play the audio. After playing, or if paused, the files need to be in encrypted form. The app will also allow offline use which means that the encrypted files can be downloaded onto local storage or in cache. But the files should not be accessible in mp3 format and should not be easily stolen. Can I do something like this in Flutter?


https://pub.dev/packages?q=exoplayer turns up a few results, have you tried those to see if they have all your desired features?

Even https://pub.dev/packages/video_player uses ExoPlayer on the Android side.

On Android, the backing player is ExoPlayer, please refer here for list of supported formats.

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