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First I've split the dataframe into train and test

from sklearn.model_selection import train_test_split
import pandas as pd

train, test = train_test_split(df, test_size=0.2, random_state=0, 
label = 'Target'
x_train, y_train = train.drop(label, axis=1), train[label]
x_test, y_test = test.drop(label, axis=1), test[label]

Now I'm looking for an efficient way to split the x_train and y_train data randomly but keeping the identical rows for both x_train and y_train. For this example i want to make these objects:

  1. x_train_20PercentRand
  2. y_train_20PercentRand
  3. x_train_40PercentRand
  4. y_train_40PercentRand

The reason for this is to later examine how stong the effect of adding more samples to the training effect and see at what point it is no longer neccessary for my cause.

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  • Why don't you just random shuffle the data before splitting in X and y, and then just split the df in whatever percentages? – yatu May 30 at 20:28

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