I am currently on writing some JBehave BDD test. Is there a way to give a sleep time between the execution of two steps (@When - @Then) or set a delay before starting the next step? Can this be set via a property or somethinf? Thank you!


I updated my story file as follows:

Scope: STEP
Given a step causing delay in execution

And then I have a scenario:

Scenario: T1363 - doSomething
Given blablabla
When blablaaaaa
Then blaaa

|   status
|   bla

When I run my code, I got following console output:

enter image description here

Why am I getting SCENARIO scope?

  • JBehave Lifecycle: jbehave.org/reference/stable/lifecycle.html may help you, you can put step sleeping for some time to STEP scope – VaL Jun 3 at 6:56
  • Thanks a lot! I do not really get how it works to create a step scope... I updated my question. Any idea? – dorcsi Jun 3 at 16:02
  • Which JBehave version do you use? – VaL Jun 4 at 6:46

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