Where to set to make selected item in menu sidebar as active and the submenu not collapsed? I am using Mvc.SiteMap to write my menu and submenu and the Template I Use is BeyondAdmin - Responsive Admin App

  • can you show us what you've tried? or what is going wrong with your current code? – RAB May 31 at 6:33
  • In Sidebar If I click a sub menu then the aside bar remain active and breadcrumbs shows the details – Sebastian Gothard Jun 4 at 6:02
  • <mvcSiteMapNode title="Approve Data" controller="PensionerApproval" clickable="false"> <mvcSiteMapNode title="Pending" controller="PensionerApproval" action="PendingApprovalList" area="Payroll" description="" imageUrl="typcn typcn-location-outline"/> </mvcSiteMapNode> – Sebastian Gothard Jun 4 at 6:03
  • On click the action named PendingApprovallist the page remain active and breadcrumb display the information – Sebastian Gothard Jun 4 at 6:04
  • On opening the PendingApprovalList and if you want to open a link to access the page, Breadcrumbs clear information and aside bar collapse – Sebastian Gothard Jun 4 at 6:12

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