We have Streaming Application implemented using Spark Structured Streaming. which tries to read data from kafka topics and write it to HDFS Location.

Sometimes application fails giving error :

_spark_metadata/0 doesn't exist while compacting batch 9

java.lang.IllegalStateException: history/1523305060336/_spark_metadata/9.compact doesn't exist when compacting batch 19 (compactInterval: 10)

not able to resolve this issue.

only one solution i found and that is to delete checkpoint location files which will read topic/data from beginning if we run the application again, which is not feasible solution for production application.

can any one tell some solution for this error so i need not have to delete checkpoint and i can continue from where last run was failed.

Deleting check point location which will start application from beginning and read all previous data.

sample code of application:

.option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", <server list>)
.option("subscribe", <topic>)

 option("format", "append").

need solution without deleting check pointing location

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    I'm curious about that part "history/1523305060336". What's your checkpointLocation? What Spark is this? Can you add the entire stacktrace to your question? – Jacek Laskowski Jun 8 '19 at 9:45

Error caused by checkpointLocation because checkpointLocation stores old or deleted data information. You just need to delete the folder containing checkpointLocation.

Explore more :https://kb.databricks.com/streaming/file-sink-streaming.html

Example :

      .option("checkpointLocation", "D:/path/dir/checkpointLocation")
      .option("path", "D:/path/dir/output")
      .trigger(Trigger.ProcessingTime("5 seconds"))

You need to do delete directory checkpointLocation.

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