I have a webapi controller code looks like:

    public HttpResponseMessage DownloadForms(FormCriteria criteria)
        string downloadData = new FormsToCsvHelper(Umbraco, criteria).GetCsv();
        return Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK, downloadData);

If i look at the data returned in debugger just before sending it back it looks like:

Created Date,IP,Form Name,Email address,Message,Full Name

31/05/2019 10:43:08,,Contact form - test,test12@hotmail.com,test,Ismail Mayat

If I copy and paste it into file and save as csv it looks fine in excel.

However the data i actually get back looks like:

"Created Date,IP,Form Name,Email address,Message,Full Name\r\n31/05/2019 10:43:08,,Contact form - test,test12@hotmail.com,test,Ismail Mayat"

The whole record set it wrapped in quote and the line feed is seen as a literal so when opening file in excel its all on one line.

There is a DelegatingHandler that fire but that is for a specific url request so for this request it does not do anything.

Anyone any ideas whats going on?

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WebAPI will serialize the value as JSON by default, so that's why your value is enclosed in double quotes.

To get around this, you can use the StringContent class:

return new HttpResponseMessage(statusCode) {
    Content = new StringContent(downloadData, Encoding.UTF8, "text/csv")

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