I understand Mix-ins are to extend a common functionality across services. But Im not able to understand how middleware works in molecular and what problems It could help me solve.

  • Probably the same as middleware in any other framework. – Dave Newton Jun 1 '19 at 3:23

Check the documentation how middleware works in Moleculer framework: https://moleculer.services/docs/0.13/middlewares.html

With middlewares you can extend the framework functionality with your custom logic. Here is an example how a middleware looks like which extend service action handling:

const MyCustomMiddleware = {
    // Wrap local action handlers (legacy middleware handler)
    localAction(next, action) {
        return function(ctx) {
            // Change context properties or something
            return next(ctx)
                .then(res => {
                    // Do something with the response
                    return res;
                .catch(err => {
                    // Handle error or throw further
                    throw err;

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