I'm trying to build messaging system with Observable. My code look like this, pretty simple. But I has slide problem, sometimes method newMessage calls before storageObserver is created, and I'm getting this error

Cannot read property 'next' of null

  private storageObserver: any;
  public storage: any;

  constructor(private auth: AuthenticationService, private http: HttpClient) 
    this.storage = Observable.create(observer => {
      this.storageObserver = observer;

  newMessage(message: any) {

Obviously I can check in newMessage like this

newMessage(message: any) {
    if(this.storageObserver == null) {
      setTimeout(() => {
      }, 500)
    } else {

But I don't really like this type of hacks. Is any proper way to wait till observer is created?

  • Instead of Observable you can use a Subject in this case, anyway you can define the observable outside the constructor – Azkar Moulana Jun 1 '19 at 12:04

I suspect you want to be able to 'feed' the observable manually, for as long as you want, but there is another approach to do that.

I prefer to write it like this:

private storageSubject: Subject<any>;

constructor(private auth: AuthenticationService, private http: HttpClient) {
    this.storageSubject = new Subject<any>();
    this.storage$ = this.storageSubject.asObservable(); 

// This is a public observable that can be subscribed to.
// Do not forget to unsubscribe.
storage$: Observable<any>;

newMessage(message: any) {

StackBlitz example

Note: If you want the observable to have an initial value, you can use BehaviorSubject<any>. It will always give the last value immediately after subscribtion, which can be more useful if you want the value to have some form of state.

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