I have got issue of importing primeNG table to my angular project. so i have import the table module to app.module.ts, i have got error.

ERROR in ./node_modules/primeng/components/dropdown/dropdown.js Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '@angular/cdk/scrolling' in 'D:\test angular\primengs\node_modules\primeng\components\dropdown' i 「wdm」: Failed to compile.

ERROR in node_modules/primeng/components/table/table.d.ts(5,27): error TS2307: Cannot find module '@angular/core/src/metadata/lifecycle_hooks'.
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I have found the solution for it. what i have done is Navigate to "/node_modules/primeng/components/table/table.d.ts". and line no 5 have this

import { OnDestroy } from '@angular/core/src/metadata/lifecycle_hooks'; 

i have changed to this.

import {OnDestroy } from '@angular/core';
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  • after that i have got error is " ERROR in ./node_modules/primeng/components/dropdown/dropdown.js Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '@angular/cdk/scrolling'" – Raheem Mohamed Jun 1 '19 at 12:46
  • i simply install "npm install @angular/cdk" and import { ScrollingModule } from '@angular/cdk/scrolling'; to app.module.ts – Raheem Mohamed Jun 1 '19 at 12:48
  • After that everything running perfectly. anyway this is issue i had from angular 8. – Raheem Mohamed Jun 1 '19 at 12:51
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    Ditto - thanks Raheem. No idea why this worked but it did. – snakedog Dec 29 '19 at 19:25
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    Never never never touch code in node_modules. This is generated through nom install. Just bring your primeng version the same as your angular one – Davide Oct 29 at 11:20

Make sure that your primeng version is compatible with your angular version.

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    this was the issue for me, I had updated to NG8, but still had refs to primeng 6. Primeng versions should track with NG versions (i.e. for NG8 you need primeng 8) – BlackICE Dec 4 '19 at 18:10

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