I'm trying to change my application language in runtime. I have checked several posts and my code now looks like:

if(position == 0){//Position 0 of an array to select the language
  val locale = Locale("es_ES")
  val config = applicationContext.resources.configuration

I have a values-es directory where I have my own strings.xml file with strings translated. Anyway, it seems like it doesn't change anything.

I repeat I tried and checked a lot of posts in Stack Overflow but I don't know where I'm failing. Thanks in advance, I'm open to any question due to my bad english.

Second try:

I've been tryng and now my code looks like this:

val locale = Locale("es")
val config = applicationContext.resources.configuration

And the debug messages are :

D/Configuration: {1.0 310mcc260mnc [es] ldltr sw411dp w683dp h387dp 420dpi nrml land finger qwerty/v/v -nav/h winConfig={ mBounds=Rect(0, 0 - 1794, 1080) mAppBounds=Rect(0, 0 - 1794, 1080) mWindowingMode=fullscreen mActivityType=undefined} s.40}

D/Language: es

But my strings doesn't change and my app keeps using the strings(en) file.

  • can you post the full code – Happy Singh Jun 1 at 17:27
  • The code is so extensive, and I checked that this part of the code is executed so I don't think it's necessary. – Yeste Jun 1 at 17:33
  • okay, let me answer you. – Happy Singh Jun 1 at 17:37
  • try es instead of es_ES – Happy Singh Jun 1 at 17:47
  • and restart the activity – Happy Singh Jun 1 at 17:54

Please try this code

String languageToLoad = "es"; // your language
                Locale locale = new Locale(languageToLoad);
                Configuration config = new Configuration();
                config.locale = locale;

                Intent refresh = new Intent(DashboardActivity.this, DashboardActivity.class);
  • I tried to write down the same on kotlin but it doesn't works, sorry and thanks. – Yeste Jun 1 at 19:31
  • You need to use a LocalHelper for this – Happy Singh Jun 1 at 19:32
  • Here is the running code you should take an example of github.com/sureshjoshi/android-locale-example – Happy Singh Jun 1 at 19:35
  • I tried something new, edited the first post, thanks for your time. – Yeste Jun 1 at 23:51

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