In my VS2017 solution, I created a UWP and .NET Standard Library 2.0.3 projects. Referenced Library project from UWP. Library project is using a System.Diagnostics.Process to start a process. In debug mode, I get access denied error at line Process.Start(...) of the code inside Library project.

I thought the purpose of new .NET Standard Library project was to support various platforms (.NET, .NET Core, UWP etc) uniformly. But I guess, the sandbox nature of UWP apps is probably not allowing me to run Process.Start(...) albeit the process is running inside Library project. Question: What I may be missing and/or how can we resolve the above issue?


You cannot launch process directly from UWP, but there are some alternative ways to do that. The first one is using FullTrustProcessLauncher, if you need some example, check this post series. Another way is using a WPF or WinForms application to host UWP Controls with the Xaml Islands where there aren't restrictions to call any .NET APIs, but remember, through this way, your app will work only on Desktop devices.


According to this answer, you can't use Process.Start in a UWP app. There are some alternatives for launching other apps, but you can't execute arbitrary .exe or other processes.

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