I am new to creating makefiles with java files and c files together. I am trying to just have the two files compiled separately by using one makefile. The clean commands don't seem to be an issue, but the below code only compiles the C file.

What am I missing?

#target: dependencies

helloWorld: helloWord.c
        g++ -std=c++0x helloWorld.c -o helloWorld

hi.class: hi.java
        javac hi.java

        rm helloWorld
        rm hi.class
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    You're missing a unifying dependency. Something needs to be dependent on both helloWorld and hi.class. I think some time in the make docs may be a worthwhile endeavor. – WhozCraig Jun 2 '19 at 3:06
  • Why do you expect this to compile the java file? I think you need to read a basic tutorial about Makefiles. – klutt Jun 2 '19 at 3:06

By default, it will only build the first target. Option 1, add an "all" before helloWorld like (also, there's a typo on your version of helloWorld).

all: helloWorld hi.class

helloWorld: helloWorld.c
    g++ -std=c++0x helloWorld.c -o helloWorld

Or, you can explicitly run your existing target

make hi.class
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