Is Firebase storage service having a disruption?

While working with it earlier today this error in red popped up at the top:

An unknown error occurred. Please refresh the page and try again

And it has not yet gone away. I have encounters this one other time but shortly after it went away, this time it is not.

I have:

  • Tried different networks including VPNs
  • tried signing in and out of my google account
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    Stack Overflow is not the right place for this kind of question. Contact Firebase support directly if you think there is an outage. support.google.com/firebase/contact/support – Doug Stevenson Jun 2 '19 at 4:20
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    Outages are reported on status.firebase.google.com. Nothing is reported there, and when I just checked a few of my projects they also worked without problems. Make sure that you have no plugins/extensions in your browser that might be blocking this traffic. If the problem persists for you, report it to support indeed as Doug commented. – Frank van Puffelen Jun 2 '19 at 4:26

Based on my email back form Firebase support I was recommended to try the following:

  • Try to activate this feature using an incognito window/private window and disable all browser extensions

  • Try using a different browser (and make sure browser is supported)

  • Verify if there are any other programs that might be blocking your connection such as antivirus, proxy or firewall. If yes, try to disable them.

  • Connect using a different network.

  • Connect using a different device.

  • Check the Developer Tools Console for any errors.

  • For Safari: Safari > Preferences > Advanced > Check "Show Develop menu in menu bar" Develop > Show Web Inspector > Console Tab

If none work, contact support.