I have an excel sheet with approximately 100000 urls in it. I need to generate sitemap files which are recommended by Google. The sitemaps should be split using a grouping column.

All the rows containing "Mechanical" in a group column should be in a different sitemap and all the rows containing "Civil" should be in a different sitemap.

I am new to python and is there a way to achieve this?


You can use the excel to sitemap python package by installing it

pip install xl2sitemap

The documentation for it can be found here Excel to Sitemap README

You will have to rename the column containing the links as url and the grouping column to classifier

Please check the excel file structure provided in the Readme file

After your excel file is formatted, you can run the following command

xl2sitemap example.xlsx -m 50000 -c

This will generate a seperate file for each group and each file will only contain a maximum of 50000 urls which is the requirement for major search engines

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