ul {
  display: inline-block;
  list-style: none;
  text-align: center;

ul::after {
  display: table;
  content: "";
  clear: both;

ul:first-child {
  background-color: red;
  margin-left: 2rem;

li {
  float: left;

With the Code above, find it weird that the :first-child selector (pseudo class) is not working. I would have assumed that the li with House would have a red background. Instead there is no red background. Do you guys know why?


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  • you are selecting the ul not the li (add a space) – Temani Afif Jun 2 at 11:59

You need to add the first-child pseudo class to the li tag, not the ul.

li:first-child {
  background-color: red;
  margin-left: 2rem;

As per the MDN documentation it selects the first element among it's siblings of the same element.

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