I am new to angular js.just started learning. i am working on facebook share using FB.ui .i am passing url,image,title, description but nothing showing in the preview and after post.But after post, on click of the image correctly redirecting to given URL.there is a issue with image passing because image url coming from cloudinary. Here is my code:

 $scope.shareOnFB = function(imgs){
    // console.log(imgs);
   // var URL_FB = encodeURI('https://krishnafortoday.com/%23/DetailPage');
       var artPrice;

        method: 'share_open_graph',
        action_type: 'og.shares',
        action_properties: JSON.stringify({
        object : {
        'og:url': "https://krishnafortoday.com/#/newart?rt="+imgs.artId, // your url to share
        'og:title': imgs.artTitle,
        'og:description':"[ Size:"+imgs.artPaintingSize+",  Medium:"+imgs.artPaintingMedium+",  Date:"+$filter('date')(imgs.artCirculationDate, "dd-MM-yyyy") +" ]" + ", Description:"+imgs.artDescription ,
        'og:image': 'https://res.cloudinary.com/kftcloudcloudinary/image/upload/c_lpad,h_600,w_600/v1547058506/orgImages/'+imgs.artFileName,
        'og:image:width':'600',//size of image in pixel
    }, function(response){
        console.log("response is ",response);

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