Lets say I have 2 classes - class A and class B.

Where the JSON value which is obtained from the class A has to be used in the class B. The class A is being run by junit and

Lets say the method name is fetchEmployeeNumber()

String employeeNum;

@Title("This test will extract Employee Number")
public void fetchEmployeeNumber() {
    employeeNum = response.then().extract().path("employeeNumber");

This method will print the employeeNumber when I run it using junit. Now, How can I use the same employeeNum in other class B. Since, it is junit and the return type for this method cannot be String.

String employeeNum;

@Title("This test will give the result of the employee Number created")
public void setEmployeeNumber() {

I can do this using excel sheet. By storing the employeeNum in some column and calling it in class B. How can I deal with it in real time using code?

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