I have a flask application which runs heavy queries in the background that causes slow load time (5-15 seconds) on the requests of the web app.

To solve this i've added Celery as the broker and Redis as Backend. My goal is to pre-execute every query, every 5 minutes, so that the user wont have to wait 5-15 seconds every time they load the page.

I've successfully created the celerybeat schedule, i can see in the log that it is executing the queries every minute (for testing purpose instead of 5 min).

            'update-every-minute': {
                'task': 'task.celery',
                'schedule': timedelta(seconds=60),
                'args': ()

The problem is, how do i update the data to the flask route?

If i put the "task" inside the route, like this:

from app.tasks import tasks

def home():
    result = task.apply_async()
    return jsonify(result.get())

It still reloads the page on every get request...

Is it a simple way to make this work? :)

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