I want to use the API-explorer to study the Google Drive API.

I tried this URL:


At the authentication step it asks me to pick a Gmail account.

I did that.

Then it wants to send a text to my old phone number which I don't have.

I used Gmail to update the phone number to my current number.

That update is not seen by the authentication mechanism used by Google Drive API.

When I try to authenticate for Google Drive API, the authentication mechanism wants to send a text to my old phone number which I don't have.

Also it appears that mechanism depends solely on phone.

The mechanism used by Gmail allows me to use either phone or secondary e-mail.

I have no idea how fix this.

Should I just wait a day or 3 and hope my new number will be recognized?

Yesterday I read in the news that Google Cloud was hit by network problems and many customers were knocked out of action.

Could this weird authentication bug be an artifact from that set of problems?

I'm reluctant to use a different Gmail account because I worry that Google automated hacking detection systems would lock me out of important services like Gmail, Drive, Docs, ...

I dont care that much about API-explorer but I am mildly curious about how to operate it.

  • It's been two days since I updated my phone number in my gmail profile. That change still has not yet propagated into the OAauth mechanism used by API Explorer. This is a cautionary situation; I should avoid placing myself in a state where I depend on my Google account. – user3676943 Jun 5 at 17:24

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