My model have field with time of creation. How can I allow user to edit item only for 24 hours from created time? Also I want to make an exception from this rule for admin user.

  • Since you need to have the user, you have to do this in a place where you have the request object, i.e. in your view or form. Just show what you have tried and if you have a specific issue, show your code. – dirkgroten Jun 3 '19 at 14:55

You can override the save() method of the model and check the time difference between your creation time and the current time, also if you have a relation within your model and the User model, you can manage the exception you want for the admin user checking if the user is_superuser.

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    The problems with doing this in the model's save method are: 1. you don't have access to the request.user and 2. it's difficult to make this user-friendly, because save() is usually called after the form is shown and validated. It's much better to do this much earlier in the process and actually disable editing all-together in the view (not show a form at all). The method to actually check whether or not the model instance is editable should be a model method. – dirkgroten Jun 3 '19 at 14:59
  • I added is_editable(request) method with permission logic implementation in the model and use it in overriden ModelAdmin.change_view(). This works fine, but also this model can be editable in related model with TabularInline class. So I need to add check here. There is has_change_permission method, but this doesn`t suite me, because it work for all related objects together, not separately. – Artem Jun 3 '19 at 19:34

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