Thanks to Kohana's excellent documentation, I'm having to resort to prostrate myself on SO. ;)

Hopefully this is really simple: I'm trying to gather all stories which belong to a certain group of IDs. My code is as follows:

$story_ids = '(12,56,99,213,319)';
$stories = ORM::factory('story')->where('id', 'IN', $story_ids)->find_all();

However, this is obviously not working. I'm getting a MySQL error because single-quotes are being put around the $story_ids string in the query.

EDIT: I've also tried passing $story_ids as an array, but then I just get a "500 Internal Server Error"

Is it possible to do what I'm asking?

Thanks in advance.


Did you perhaps forget the ->select() ?

Also, here are two ways outlined here to use the "IN" keyword:

ORM::factory('table1')->select('mls_id')->where('mls_id', 'NOT IN', DB::Select('mls_id')->from('table2'))->find_all();
ORM::factory('table1')->select('mls_id')->where('mls_id', 'NOT IN', DB::Expr('(SELECT mls_id FROM table2)'))->find_all();

I typically use the DB::Expr method with what you're doing.

  • I'm not performing a subquery though. I already have the string (or array) of IDs and want to just pass that into the third parameter of the where method. If I used DB::Expr(), would it just be a matter of: ORM::factory('story')->where('id', 'IN', DB::Expr($story_ids))->find_all();? – DondeEstaMiCulo Apr 13 '11 at 0:41
  • Well slap my pooper and call me Charlie, it worked! Wrapping my $story_ids string in the DB::Expr() solved the problem. Many thanks! – DondeEstaMiCulo Apr 13 '11 at 1:08

Passing $story_ids as an array should work.

$story_ids = array(12,56,99,213,319);
$stories = ORM::factory('story')->where('id', 'IN', $story_ids)->find_all();

What Kohana version do you use?

  • It's in the title, but I'm using 3.1.1, to be more specific. Passing the values as an array returns a 500 error, as stated in my decription. DB::Expr works perfectly for me, so I've been using that. :) – DondeEstaMiCulo May 3 '11 at 21:59
  • @DondeEstaMiCulo Strange this works for me ;) – veritas Oct 9 '11 at 9:30

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