What does the T mean? I was looking up "ways to declare a multidimensional array", but I did not find something syntactically equal.

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    It's the name of the variable. The line makes two variables, one is called graph and the other one is called T. graph is a 100x100 2D array, and T is a 1D array. – Blaze Jun 4 at 10:50
  • Oh! makes sense! Apologies.. I'm new to CPP and thought it would be some kind of declaration. – Ryusne Jun 4 at 10:52
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    You need to spend more time with your text books, as that should have been explained in them. – Some programmer dude Jun 4 at 10:52
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    The type is missing. – mch Jun 4 at 10:52
  • It is a declaration ... or it would be if there were a type at the beginning. As is, it's just an expression involving array indexing and the comma operator. – melpomene Jun 4 at 10:54

The , separator is used as a separator in the variable declaration list. This statement declares 2 variables:

  • T[100], one dimension statically-allocated array of length 100 labeled T.
  • graph[100][100], two dimension statically-allocated array of volume 100x100 labeled graph.

What's the T mean?

T is the name of the variable. The type of the variable is array of 100 objects of some type, which you cut off from the example.

graph is another variable, that is an array of 100 arrays of 100 objects of that same type. The variable declarations are separated by a comma. Here is a simpler example using comma to separate variable decarations of same type:

int i, j;

both graph and T are array graph is a 2d array staring with graph[0][0] ending to graph [99][99] while T is a 1d array from T[0] to T[99] in general array starts from 0 to n-1 for of size n. But you forgot to mention data type eg: data_type graph[100][100],T[100];

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