I was able to browse through using JmsPutGet with below browse selector for my IBM mq messages.

context.createBrowser(context.createQueue("queue:///" + QUEUE_NAME), "JMSCorrelationID='ID:c9d5e2d7c5c3e3c9d6d54040404040404040404040404040'")

I am trying to do the same using spring jms using JmsListener annotation

Update : changing selector to JMSCorrelationID='ID:c9d5e2d7c5c3e3c9d6d54040404040404040404040404040'" made it work. I tried that a day before, thought didn't work.

      destination = "DevQueue01",
      containerFactory = "myContainerFactory",
      selector = "JMSCorrelationID='c9d5e2d7c5c3e3c9d6d54040404040404040404040404040'"
  public void processInspection(@Valid Inspection bean) {
    System.out.println("In process inspections : \n\n" + bean);

How correlation id looks in my IBM MQ explorer, kind of hex/EBCDIC

  • Added update for what change made it work – Nagendra Busam Jun 4 at 17:28
  • Maybe you should make the update into an answer and accept it? I assume you have answered your own question here? – Morag Hughson Jun 5 at 3:24

After changing selector to below made it work. I tried that a day before, thought didn't work. JMSCorrelationID='ID:c9d5e2d7c5c3e3c9d6d54040404040404040404040404040'"

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