I have started minikube using the following command

minikube start --insecure-registry k8s.gcr.io --insecure-registry registry-1.docker.io --insecure-registry gcr.io --insecure-registry registry.gitlab.com

After it starts I check the status using minikube status and the output is the following

host: Running
kubelet: Running
apiserver: Running
kubectl: Correctly Configured: pointing to minikube-vm at

Afterwards I run the command eval $(minikube docker-env) so that it can use the docker daemon that minikube is using.

That command runs as is expected. When I check the DOCKER_HOST I get the following value tcp://

The problem starts when I run a docker command.

For example, when I run docker run hello-world, the command will hang for a while and then I get the following output

docker: error during connect: Post Service Unavailable.

One thing you might notice is that the DOCKER_HOST uses TCP will docker run will use HTTPS. I don't know but maybe it might help in getting this issue fixed.


HTTPS can run over any reliable stream transport protocol. Normally that's TCP.

1. Check if your image is built.

To run docker images in Kubernetes you can simply use

$ kubectl run hello-world --image=... --port=... --image-pull-policy=...

But you have to set on Docker daemon as well. More information you can find here: docker-daemon

2. Check 2376 port if it is not already in use.

3. Try to run your command as root: Run it as sudo docker ... instead of docker .... The user that you are running as may not have permissions to talk to /var/run/docker.sock on that system.

4. Which version of minikube you use ? In minikube v0.10.0 the --insecure-registry flag is ignored if the machine already existed.). First check if --insecure-registry= is correctly copied into /var/lib/boot2docker/profile in the new VM. You must first minikube delete if you want new flags to be respected.

I hope it helps.

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