I'm running an Azure Functions instance (.Net Standard 2.0.3) and need my users to be able to upload a PowerPoint presentation and return each slide as an image.

I've seen that there are a couple of 3rd party packages out there (Spire, etc) but they all rely on System.Drawing and don't work in .Net Standard.

I know the code to do it using Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint but again, I don't think this is supported on an Azure Functions instance.

Any ideas?


  • Did you try with the Azure Function v1? – George Chen Jun 5 at 6:44
  • No, tried with v2. Chatted with Spire, they acknowledge they have an issue which has been escallated to the devs. Finally got it working using Syncfusion in the end. Thanks. – Tree Frog Jun 6 at 7:46

See comment - Syncfusion was the answer

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