I know how to alter a sequence number via the alter statement. :

ALTER SEQUENCE dbo.seq_SomeSequnce 
    RESTART WITH @someRandomNumber

The above will reset the current_value and start_value with the sys.sequence table of the database. I need to modify only the current value of the sequence without modifying the start_value.

Is this at all possible?

  • What problem are you trying to solve with this? Just curious. Cause, I suppose you could just create a NEW sequence and start using that, but i'm unsure of why you are worried about the start_value being reset. – scsimon Jun 4 at 20:56
  • Have a problem where an error in a process is using up sequence numbers and then throwing an exception. The solution was to alter the sequence number after such an error, but this causes issues with other processes. – Bill Blankenship Jun 4 at 22:04
  • By default sequences aren’t unique. To keep that from happening you’d need to roll back the transaction on error to prevent them from being consumed. I assume this isn’t happening, based on your info. Any chance we can change that? – scsimon Jun 4 at 22:11
  • Unfortunately, the scenario does not allow for rollback. It is not a sql statement or stored procedure. – Bill Blankenship Jun 4 at 22:29
  • Let me rephrase that, it is not a sql statement that can be wrapped in a transaction. – Bill Blankenship Jun 4 at 22:41

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