I have custom CSS for checkbox control into my web form, which is linked on the Master page hence reflect to all child page.

Now, In my gridview I have checkboxes and I don't want to keep the same checkbox sytle. How to disable CSS for checkboxes inside gridview?

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    Assign it a different class – V4Vendetta Apr 13 '11 at 7:01

The simpliest way to change the CSS the checkboxes in your GridView is to:

  1. Add a CSS-class to your gridview (example: gridView)
  2. Add this CSS in your stylesheet file:

.gridView input[type=checkbox]{

margin:Xpx Xpx Xpx Xpx;

.. ..your style attributes...)


This will only affect the checkboxes that is children to an element that has CSS-class "gridView".

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