I'm receiving the following error when running my code:

plot_ly(data, x = ~RighttoWork_NonRtw, 
              y = ~market_value_level_unfunded_liability, 
              text = ~paste("State: ", state,
                            "Market Value Level Unfunded Liability", market_value_level_unfunded_liability),  
              color = ~market_value_level_unfunded_liability,  
              size = ~market_value_level_unfunded_liability, 
              type = "scatter")

No scatter mode specifed: Setting the mode to markers Read more about this attribute -> https://plot.ly/r/reference/#scatter-mode Error: size/width values must be numeric .

Why is this the case?

I'm trying to get a series of plot points with different sized points based on the unfunded liability variable figures. Unfortunately, I keep getting this error message.

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It's hard to answer without a reproducible example. First off you can specify the mode. Then you could try specifying the markers. Here I used your code for an example on mtcars dataset. The size of the markers is scaled by 3 here because some times the size argument of plotly can't make sense of certain values.

This aside, your error is due to the fact that market_value_level_unfunded_liability, your y variable, seems not to be numeric. You should convert it to numeric in a sensible way (use as.numeric(as.character()) if factor with numeric levels).

data <- mtcars

plot_ly(data, x = ~mpg, 
        y = ~qsec, 
        text = ~paste("State: ", carb,
                      "Market Value Level Unfunded Liability", qsec),  
        color = ~qsec,  
        size = ~qsec,
        type   = 'scatter', 
        mode   = 'markers',
        marker = list(size = ~qsec*3)

enter image description here

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    adding type = 'scatter', mode = 'markers' only helped me. Jul 10, 2020 at 16:10

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