From the name I was thinking an "ON DELETE RESTRICT" would trigger it, but that triggers an error 23503 (FK violation):

 create table a (id serial primary key);
 insert into a default values;
 create table b (id serial primary key, a_id integer references a (id) not null);
 insert into b (a_id) values (1);
 delete from a where id=1;

ERROR:  23503: update or delete on table "a" violates foreign key constraint "b_a_id_fkey" on table "b"
DETAIL:  Key (id)=(1) is still referenced from table "b".
SCHEMA NAME:  public
CONSTRAINT NAME:  b_a_id_fkey
LOCATION:  ri_ReportViolation, ri_triggers.c:2797

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Having asked on IRC and checked the code, it looks a lot like 23001 does not currently occur anywhere in standard postgresql, though it could be generated by stored procs and the like.


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