I'm using an ENUM to save keys that let me get specific messages from the DB. apparently ENUMs have a limit of 2746 and my new coded got it to 2751 so i get a compilation error. Is there any way I could expand this ENUM? or will I need to use a new one for new values?

  • Can't you group similar enum values into their own enum? – Lino says Reinstate Monica Jun 5 at 9:00
  • 7
    Refactor your code to use something other than an enum. You're way beyond what enums were designed for. – ernest_k Jun 5 at 9:01
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/4468388/… The maximum number of enum elements is 2746. – Vitaly Jun 5 at 9:03
  • it would be a quick fix lino and the problem would arrive eventually again what else could i use? ernest that's what i said vitaly – raiton Jun 5 at 9:36
  • Enums are heavily abused for things that they are not intended for. An enum is defined at compile time, and the set of constants should never change, as of the domain model. This limits their use to cases like TrafficLightColor, Weekday and such. Even the Planet example from the tutorial has been messed up by Pluto!. Whatever you're trying to accomplish there: You're likely creating a maintenance nightmare. – Marco13 Jun 5 at 10:29

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