I'm trying to register IQ handler in elixir module (using Ejabberds gen_iq_handler module), but cannot make it work. It seems that it registers the handler, but function is not called.

Registration of hooks works as expected (calling on_presence function), but handler is not picked up.

:gen_iq_handler.add_iq_handler returns :ok

I've tried passing fully qualified name (atom) for function (e.g. :"Elixir.ModPresenceDemo.on_iq_received") without success and passing namespace parameter as char list also without success

Here are start and on_iq_received functions:

def start(host, _opts) do
  info("Starting ejabberd module Presence Demo #{host}")
  Ejabberd.Hooks.add(:set_presence_hook, host, __MODULE__, :on_presence, 50)
  result = :gen_iq_handler.add_iq_handler(:ejabberd_sm, host, "module:test", __MODULE__, :on_iq_received)
def on_iq_received(iq) do
  info('Received data for IQ handler')

upon calling handler with iq stanza:

<iq type="set" id="test" to="<user>@<host>">
  <query xmlns="module:test"/>

I get IQ error stanza with error code 400: Unknown tag <query/> qualified by namespace 'module:test'

  • Just a wild guess: try to change a binary to charlist in call to :gen_iq_handler.add_iq_handler since most erlang modules do expect charlists: :gen_iq_handler.add_iq_handler(:ejabberd_sm, host, 'module:test', ...). – Aleksei Matiushkin Jun 5 at 12:05

Wild guess: add a function called decode_iq_subel in the handler module that returns its argument:

def decode_iq_subel(el) do

I suspect that the error you're getting comes from here - ejabberd calls the xmpp library to decode the subelement of the iq stanza, but since xmpp knows nothing of your custom namespace, it throws an unknown_tag error, which gets formatted into Unknown tag ... qualified by namespace ... here.

  • Good call, it calls the handler now, thx. However it seems that I get into infinite loop on server not (calling handler). Is there some required signature for on_iq_received function (callback)? Can you point me to the documentation for ejabberd internals? i.e. I would like to figure out these types of errors on my own :) – gihook Jun 5 at 13:10
  • There doesn't seem to be much documentation. I found this answer that does something similar to what you're doing. The callback function is supposed to return either an iq record (like the argument it received) or the atom :ignore - perhaps yours is returning something else? This might be useful to get Erlang records to work in Elixir code. – legoscia Jun 5 at 14:16
  • Elixir development is still quite experimental, indeed. We would love to make sure it is more usable, so thanks for the help and feedback :) – Mickaël Rémond Jun 5 at 16:03
  • 1
    Managed to make it work with: ``` def on_iq_received(iq(type: :get, from: from, to: to) = iq_stanza) do info("Received data for GET IQ handler") iq(iq_stanza, type: :result, from: to, to: from) end ``` and ``` defmodule Stanza do require Record Record.defrecord(:iq, Record.extract(:iq, from: "deps/xmpp/include/xmpp_codec.hrl")) end ``` – gihook Jun 10 at 11:31

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