When I make my bashRC file with nano ~/.bashrc. With only one alias:

alias c="clear"

I only can use the alias if I enter source ~/.bashrc or use . ~/.bashr, but I want this source to carry over to new terminal windows. Is there away to make this the default source? Or is there another way to make the bashrc permanent?

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    .bashrc is automatically sourced into interactive terminals that are not also login terminals. On MacOS, new tabs are login terminals, so they run ~/.bash_profile instead. Easy answer is to source ~/.bashrc in your ~/.bash_profile. – Charles Duffy Jun 5 at 15:01
  • That said, note that this is generally a question for Unix & Linux, and off-topic here. Bash questions can definitely be topical if you're asking for help writing a script, but configuring an interactive terminal is in no way an act "unique to software development". – Charles Duffy Jun 5 at 15:01

Add it to .bash_profile.

.bashrc is for noninteractive logins

if you are opening a new window and logging in manually you need to add it to .bash_profile

  • Note the bullet point in the section Answer Well-Asked Questions in How to Answer about questions which "have already been asked and answered many times before", and also the one about questions which "are not about programming as defined in the Help Center". – Charles Duffy Jun 5 at 15:04
  • Also, it's flatly wrong that .bashrc is "for noninteractive logins". It's for interactive, non-login shells. The only dotfiles executed for noninteractive shells is that named in the environment variable BASH_ENV (if it exists and the shell is bash), or ENV (for baseline-POSIX-compatible shells, or bash in POSIX mode). – Charles Duffy Jun 5 at 15:06
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    ".bashrc is for noninteractive logins" -- This is NOT true. – Emily E. Jun 5 at 15:06

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