This question involves the Zikula CMS. Is it possible to detect if a viewer is logged in and is a member of a specific group using twig? I would like to have some control code that doesn't show ad blocks if a user is a paying subscriber (is a member of a specific group). Thanks!

  • its symfony based try to write {{ dump() }} to show what you get on your view – episch Jun 5 '19 at 19:27
  • Thanks I will try that. – Timothy Paustian Jun 5 '19 at 20:13
  • if you switch to dev mode you will get more reasonable output from {{ dump() }} – craigh Jun 6 '19 at 0:23

For most checks like this you won't check for group memberships, but for permissions which are granted by them. So you could for example add a condition like the following to your Twig template:

{% if currentUser.loggedIn and hasPermission('MyComponent::', '.*', ACCESS_READ) %}
    special block for paying members
{% else %}
    show ad
{% endif %}

Note that MyComponent can be anything, it is not limited to components used/provided by your installed extensions.

You can read more about the currentUser global variable here.

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