For some reason clicking with Jquery doesn't work with table TD elements in Electron. It works fine in a Chrome browser but not as an Electron app. All other elements are fine like div, li, span, button etc...only td doesn't work.

<td class="td">Test</td>

 $('.td').click(function (e) {

Any ideas why this is?

Electron version 5.0.1.

Chromium version 73.0.3683.121


It's becuse td tag should be on real table (should have tr and table parent tags). like this:

    <td class="td">Test</td>
    <td class="td">Test</td>

Chrome will create tr tag for td tags if they are outside tr. but electron doesn't.

  • You're right it does work like that, the problem seems to actually be with elements created by electron. Even a simple button does not work if it's created with a jquery function. – Hasen Jun 6 '19 at 7:37

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