Is it possible to set a maximum length for TextField? I was thinking of handling it using onEditingChanged event but it is only called when the user begins/finishes editing and not called while user is typing. I've also read the docs but haven't found anything yet. Is there any workaround?

TextField($text, placeholder: Text("Username"), onEditingChanged: { _ in
}) {
  print("Finished editing")
  • Hi Please check this :- stackoverflow.com/a/31363255/8201581 – Yogesh Patel Jun 6 at 10:51
  • Set it in textField(_ textField: UITextField, shouldChangeCharactersIn range: NSRange, replacementString string: String) – manishsharma93 Jun 6 at 10:52
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    @YogeshPatel @manishsharma93 Thanks but these are UIKit approaches. I'm looking for a way to achieve it in SwiftUI. – Mo Reza Farahani Jun 6 at 10:54

With SwiftUI, UI elements, like a text field, are bound to properties in your data model. It is the job of the data model to implement business logic, such as a limit on the size of a string property.

For example:

import Combine
import SwiftUI

final class UserData: BindableObject {

    let didChange = PassthroughSubject<UserData,Never>()

    var textValue = "" {
        willSet {
            self.textValue = String(newValue.prefix(8))

struct ContentView : View {

    @EnvironmentObject var userData: UserData

    var body: some View {
        TextField($userData.textValue, placeholder: Text("Enter up to 8 characters"), onCommit: {

By having the model take care of this the UI code becomes simpler and you don't need to be concerned that a longer value will be assigned to textValue through some other code; the model simply won't allow this.

In order to have your scene use the data model object, change the assignment to your rootViewController in SceneDelegate to something like

UIHostingController(rootView: ContentView().environmentObject(UserData()))
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    Thank you, worked perfectly! However I should mention that I had to change the window.rootViewController inside SceneDelegate class from UIHostingController(rootView: ContentView()) to UIHostingController(rootView: ContentView().environmentObject(UserData())) . Otherwise the app crashes. Would be an even greater answer if you mind mentioning this as well. – Mo Reza Farahani Jun 6 at 13:08

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