I am using the excellent sandwich package to carry out a robust regression on some longitudinal data. For this, I am utilising the vcovBS function for non-parametric inference (specifically the wild-bootstrap). Is it feasible to implement HC bias correction (offered within vcovHC and vcovCL) with the vcovBS, so that the bootstrapped residuals are HC bias corrected. Has anyone tried to do this before.

The vcovBS function I am using:

vcovBS(ols_unweighted, cluster = ~ subject, R = 10000, type = "wild-rademacher")

The parametric vcovCL fucntion with HC{0:4} bais correction:

vcovCL(ols_unweighted, type = "HC3", cluster = ~ subject)

What I am trying to do:

vcovBS(ols_unweighted, cluster = ~ subject, R = 10000, type = "wild-rademacher", type = "HC3")

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