I have a Couchbase Server (CB) installation in my laptop. When the CB service is running i can see erl.exe consuming resources even though CB is at "rest" (stopping CB service Terminates erl.exe!).

enter image description here

Somewhere else i read that disabling

SMP support by defining the enviroment variable ERL_AFLAGS with value -smp disable

might help. That is what i am trying.

The problem is that i do not know how to do that so that it affects my CB installation: i do not know how to tell CB to call erl with a specific Environment variable.

Does anyone know how can i achieve that?

I tried setting the Environment variable directly in Windows (Panel Control -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables...), but i perceived no effect: resources used by erl remain the same.

My problem also is that i do not know how to check if the environment variable is being used or not by erl when started by CB...

Thanks in advance!

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