I've got a bunch of 'launcher.sh' scripts that launch konsole with different --profile options. The point is to have hotkeys that take me to specific color-coded konsole sessions that run ssh remote shells on different machines (or under different user codes).

Anyway, it all works, except for one thing. I have multiple profiles set up, that differ only in their color schemes and how they format the title bar (which I then search for with xdotool to re-activate the session after it's been launched).

All of my profiles work when I run 'konsole --profile &' - except one. After much trial and error, the only way I can get that one to work is to add the .profile extension to the profile name. I.e., 'konsole --profile rs2.profile&'. Why on earth would that be? Actually, the rs2 profile works without the .profile extension - except that the color scheme setting doesn't take (but the titlebar setting does). But if I refer to it as rs2.profile, I get the colors too.

Also, I can't for the life of me find where konsole stores its list of profile to include in the Settings-Switch Profile menu. The profiles themselves are in ~/.local/share/konsole. But there's nothing in there but color schemes and profiles. Nothing that lists the profiles. In fact, when I deleted one of my profile files, it still showed up as a choice under Switch Profile. Yes, kde is great - but yes, it's way to complicated...

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