I am trying to read a pdf417 code with the computer's web camera using the zxing library in angular but I do not recognize the pdf417 format, any idea of ​​how I can read this and extract the data from an identification card with the web camera from the browser?

I've tried the ZXing libraries forcing the code.

<zxing-scanner [formats] = "['PDF_417']" (scanComplete) = 'scanComplete ($event)'></ zxing-scanner>
scanComplete (value: Result) {if(value! = undefined) {console.log (value);}}

but the response doesn´t are correctly

I need with the web camera of the machine to be able to recognize the pdf417 code of an identification card and obtain in a variable the object that it returns or at least a chain of values ​​that allows me to use it to decrypt the data that has the code and I can handle it for my other forms.

  • <zxing-scanner [formats] = "['PDF_417']" (scanComplete) = 'scanComplete ($event)'> </ zxing-scanner> scanComplete (value: Result) { if(value! = undefined){ console.log (value); } } Jun 6, 2019 at 17:58
  • ZXing does not support PDF417. There exists a fork of ZXing on Github, which does support, though your photos have to be of an excellent quality. Or, alternatively, preprocessed.
    – Zazeil
    Jun 12, 2019 at 11:59


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