I'm trying to execute a shell script during a docker run command:


FROM nginx:alpine

COPY ./environment.sh /usr/share/nginx/html

RUN chmod +x /usr/share/nginx/html/environment.sh

COPY nginx.conf /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

WORKDIR /usr/share/nginx/html

COPY build/ .

ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/share/nginx/html/environment.sh"]


echo "TESTE"
F_MAIN=$(ls main.*.js)
sed -i "s#api.seplan#$API_URL#g" $F_MAIN
sed -i "s#api.eautoriza#$API_URL_AUTORIZA#g" $F_MAIN

Docker Run Command

sudo docker run --env API_URL= --env API_URL_AUTORIZA= -p 4006:80  msaraujo/1736

When I do docker ps it doesn't create it at all and neither script is executed. Why?

  • What do you expect the final state to be? What should be running in the container, and what should be running it? – David Maze Jun 6 at 23:38

I don't know if that's the whole problem, but

COPY ./environment.sh /usr/share/nginx/html

is not right.

The Dockerfile documentation says:

  • COPY [--chown=<user>:<group>] <src>... <dest>


  • If <dest> does not end with a trailing slash, it will be considered a regular file and the contents of <src> will be written at <dest>.

So this would attempt to create a regular file called html and copy the script into it.


COPY ./environment.sh /usr/share/nginx/html/


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