While I am dealing with generics, I get stuck with protocols of the associated type. Basically, what I want to achieve in here, I want to think "ReusableView", "NibLoadableView" as optional and I don't want to comform my class if these will not be used.

For example, if I only use "ReusableView" to comform, it will throw an error

'ExampleBannerPresenter' does not conform to protocol 'BannerPresenter'

So how can I manage to use my cells like below?

final class ExampleBannerCell: UICollectionViewCell, ReusableView {

final class ExampleBannerCell: UICollectionViewCell, ReusableView, NibLoadableView {

Here is my code

public protocol BannerPresenter: class {
    associatedtype CellType: UICollectionViewCell, ReusableView, NibLoadableView
    func configure(cell: CellType, at index: Int)

// MARK: - NibLoadableView
public protocol NibLoadableView: class {
    static var nibName: String { get }

extension NibLoadableView where Self: UIView {
    public static var nibName: String {
        return String(describing: self)

// MARK: - ReusableView
public protocol ReusableView: class {
    static var defaultReuseIdentifier: String { get }

extension ReusableView where Self: UIView {
    public static var defaultReuseIdentifier: String {
        return String(describing: self)
  • This happens because you constrained your associated type to be always of type UICollectionViewCell, ReusableView, NibLoadableView, so if your cell class doesn't satisfy all requirements, the presenter itself doesn't. Show the the ExampleBannerPresenter implementation, so we can help you refactor your structure – Rico Crescenzio Jun 7 at 10:05
  • Yes, I know that is the thing but I want to cover this some how. There is nothing special on ExampleBannerPresenter. It use "func configure(cell: CellType, at index: Int)" and obviously it takes "ExampleBannerCell" as cell and because of associated type it expects (UICollectionViewCell, ReusableView, NibLoadableView). But is there any way to work and compile if I don't add NibLoadableView? – Göktuğ Aral Jun 7 at 11:35
  • Why don't you do associatedtype CellType: UICollectionViewCell without any other constraint? – Rico Crescenzio Jun 7 at 11:37
  • Because of; for some cell, I want to use attributes of "NibLoadableView" and another "ReusableView". If you don't declare these protocol on your custom UICollectionViewCell its fine, because CellType also covers UICollectionViewCell. – Göktuğ Aral Jun 7 at 11:41

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