WSO2IS 5.3.0: I have a service provider that is SAML inbound and multi-step local authentication outbound (the first step is BasicAuthenticator, and the second is custom code). I am running into an issue where, if the second step fails, the user goes to a generic "error" screen (this is samlsso_notification.do). I want the user to be redirected BACK to the login page to have to start the auth process over (WITH the error code from my authentication step, which I can't seem to customize in the SAMLResponse). Any advice on how to accomplish this?


If you go inside <product_home>/repository/deployment/server/webapps/authenticationendpoint you will find mapping .jsp for samlsso_notification.do as samlsso_notification.jsp from there you can write jsp redirection to login page. You have stat, statusMessage as context information.

  • How can I pass a custom status message through? It seems like the message may be hardcoded (see link above) – maggiomj Jun 14 at 12:48

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