Good day everyone,

I created a mailer to send an email to my client. As of right now im still testing it, but I couldn't make it to work. I've read redis, sidekiq, rails_mailer and still nothing. I can see that the mail is in the queue of sidekiq UI but I cant receive the email.

Here's the flow of my code.

  1. User will check the text box on the view if they wanted to send an email to a client.

  2. I a method will be triggered on the controller. Heres my code.

      def send_workorder_message
        if params.has_key?(:to_send_email)
          WorkorderMessage::WorkorderMessageJob.perform_in(10.seconds, @curr_user, params[:message])
  1. then a workorder job is created. heres the code.

class WorkorderMessage::WorkorderMessageJob
  # include SuckerPunch::Job
  include Sidekiq::Worker
  sidekiq_options queue: 'mailers'

  def perform(user, message)
    Spree::WorkorderMailer.workorder_send_to_email(user, message).deliver_now

    # ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool.with_connection do

    # end

  1. after that it will trigger the WorkorderMailer heres the code.
    class WorkorderMailer < BaseMailer
    def workorder_send_to_email(to_user, message)
      ActiveRecord::Base.connection_pool.with_connection do

        subject = "sample message mailer"

        @message = message
        @user = to_user

          to: @user.email,
          # 'reply-to': Spree::Store.current.support_address,
          from: Spree::Store.current.support_address,
          subject: subject

when I use the preview mailer I can see the UI working fine.

Also I've noticed that on sidekiq view I see this User Obj. I that normal?

enter image description here

  • I wonder if your ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings aren't configured correctly to deliver a transaction email. Can you share your ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings and omit any sensitive credentials? – MFrazier Jun 8 at 5:44
  • You are specifying the job go to the mailers queue. Are you starting Sidekiq with -q mailers so that it processes this queue? – Mike Perham Jun 8 at 21:31
  • When in doubt, don't configure things. Let it use the default and everything will work out of the box. – Mike Perham Jun 8 at 21:32
  • MikePerham, MFrazier hello sir. actually, we have a working mailer. this is just addition at work. my senior is on vacation and its just me and him. but ill send some details on monday if i can get the codebase. thanks – aRtoo Jun 9 at 22:57

According to the Sidekiq documentation, the arguments you pass must be primitives that cleanly serialize to JSON, and not full Ruby objects, like the user you are passing here:

Complex Ruby objects do not convert to JSON, by default it will convert with to_s and look like #<Quote:0x0000000006e57288>. Even if they did serialize correctly, what happens if your queue backs up and that quote object changes in the meantime? Don't save state to Sidekiq, save simple identifiers. Look up the objects once you actually need them in your perform method. The arguments you pass to perform_async must be composed of simple JSON datatypes: string, integer, float, boolean, null(nil), array and hash. This means you must not use ruby symbols as arguments. The Sidekiq client API uses JSON.dump to send the data to Redis. The Sidekiq server pulls that JSON data from Redis and uses JSON.load to convert the data back into Ruby types to pass to your perform method. Don't pass symbols, named parameters or complex Ruby objects (like Date or Time!) as those will not survive the dump/load round trip correctly.

I would suggest you change it to lookup the User by ID within the job, and only pass the ID instead of the entire user object.

# pass @curr_user.id instead of @curr_user
WorkorderMessage::WorkorderMessageJob.perform_in(10.seconds, @curr_user.id, params[:message])

# accept the ID instead of user here
def perform(user_id, message)

  # get the user object here
  user = User.find(user_id)

  # send the mail
    to: user.email,
  • thank you for the response sir. I followed your advice. still got nothing. I also added a breakpoint on def perform and Spree::WorkorderMailer it only hits the def perform method not the content of the method. thats why I think workorder_send_to_email method is not being invoked. – aRtoo Jun 7 at 20:29
  • You might have trouble getting a worker to stop on a breakpoint, since it's typically working in another process. puts "got here" should work though, if you can see the output, or you could Rails.logger.info("got here"), and look in your log files. – Unixmonkey Jun 7 at 23:22
  • tried it but no log showing. I also change the deliver_later to deliver_now nothing happened. Wierd thing is its showing on my sidekiq so technically it processing the job but I couldn't receive any emails. – aRtoo Jun 7 at 23:40

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