Very new to Netsuite and scripts. I'm working on a contact form and need to source the contact onto a separate field within the same contact form so that i can later use a workflow. For example the contact form is for John Smith, the form itself doesn't have a dropdown for John Smith so you can't create another form from this contact which contains John Smith as a contact.

From reading other peoples unrelated questions i was able to cobble together this script but its not populating the new field i created. Absolutely know i'm doing a bunch wrong, Any help would be appreciated.

function TEST_setConName(type,form) {

 nlapiLogExecution("Debug", "type", type);

 if(type == 'create'){
    var invId  = nlapiGetRecordId();

    var woRec= nlapiLoadRecord('custform_ss_contact', invId);

     nlapiSubmitRecord(woRec, true,true); 


nlapiLogExecution("Error", "MyscriptIssue", e.toString());

When a contact record is created the new field on the contact record should select the contact from the dropdown list.

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